Mantovani awarded the Project for S.P. 101

Mantovani in partnership with “Doronzo Infrastrutture S.p.A.” awarded the contract for “S.P. 101 - Construction of the variant road near Pontoglio”.

The project work consists of a new road section to be built outside the town of Pontoglio to avoid crossing the village at the existing bridge on the Oglio River. The project involves the realization of:

  • 1825 meters of new extra-urban road
  • 4 roundabouts for connection to the existing road network
  • 700 meters of road to connect the existing road network to the roundabouts
  • 1450 meters of agricultural counter-roads
  • 205 meters of unpaved roads
  • 4 reinforced concrete culverts
  • 1 bridge (100 meters) over the Oglio River


Works will start on second half of 2018 and will be completed in less than 500 days; the Client is the Provincia di Brescia.

The project represents another step of the wider company’s business strategy in Italy, which involves Mantovani in several opportunities and tenders in the road and highway sector. Actually, Mantovani has been also qualified for several tenders with ANAS in order to execute road maintenance and construction planned in the next years.




pubblicata il 06 aprile 2018