MANTOVANI prequalified for the construction works on M3 Road, Moldova

State Road Administration of Republic of Moldovia with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, European Investment Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development are financing the works for the construction of the new M3 road.

Mantovani has been prequalified for the tender participation on all four contracts even if the procurement procedure for one of them has been suspended due to lack of financing.

The works to be carried out include the construction of new embankments, the construction of new roads pavement or rehabilitation, construction and rehabilitation of bridges, construction of pipe and box culverts, construction of drainage facilities, rain water basins and roundabouts, etc..

The planned time for Completion for each contract is about 36 months, while the procurement will be performed through separate open tendering procedures to be closed within few weeks.

pubblicata il 23 aprile 2018