Mantovani awarded the contract of the tallest summit monument

Mantovani in Joint Venture with a major Romanian company has awarded the contract for the restoration, rehabilitation, and preservation of the monument and the exhibition space of the Heroes' Cross on Caraiman Peak (Romania).

“Crucea Caraiman” is the tallest summit cross in the world (as recognized in 2014 by Guinness World Records) situated at an altitude of 2,291 m in the Bucegi Mountains of the Southern Carpathians. The monument was built between 1926 and 1928 in the memory of the heroes of World War I, at the initiative of Marie of Edinburgh and King Ferdinand of Romania. The cross itself has a height of 28 metres (92 ft) and two arms of 7 metres (23 ft) each.

The complex and challenging works for the rehabilitation and restoration of the monument will be performed considering difficulties on wheatear, environmental and logistic conditions and will involve Mantovani’s specialized technicians already employed on similar Projects’ extreme locations.

pubblicata il 02 maggio 2018