MANTOVANI prequalified in Khatmat Milaha, Oman

Qatar Primary Materials Company (QPMC) is a government company organized for the purpose of ensuring the continuous supply of aggregate materials in the State of Qatar and has been the main supplier of aggregate materials for both government and private sectors construction projects since the time of its incorporation in 2006.

QPMC expressed its intention to develop and start the operation of two Gabbro quarries in Khatmat Milaha in the sultanate of Oman near to the Fujairah Border. Considering the present political situation of Qatar this project is important for the supply of building material to various projects for the FIFA 2022 World Championship.

On December 2017, MANTOVANI in JV with two primary Qatari companies has been prequalified for the captioned Project that includes in particular the “pharaonic” jetty construction and berths for barges and/or vessels (almost 2 km long) and the loading equipment.

The tender will be based upon FIDIC Yellow Book for Design and Build extended with particular conditions for the operation and maintenance after equipment and installation hand-over.

pubblicata il 17 gennaio 2018