MANTOVANI and the Romania's Ministry of National Defense

On December 2017, MANTOVANI - in JV with two of the major Romanian companies, has awarded the contract for the project "RESTORATION WORKS IN BARRACK 2766 - BUCHAREST", which includes design and build of the following items:

-       Restoration of 3 technical storage areas

-       Rearrangement of 4 Pavilions for storage rooms

-       Restoration and reorganization of the storage area

-       Restoration of car park infrastructures

-       Restoration of 5 Pavilions

-       Restoration of the fuel storage facilities and military equipment washing station

-       Restoration of sports facilities

-       Restoration of the heliport and exchange area, P.X., Commissary

-       Restoration of operating platforms, roads and inner alleys, fencing etc.

-       Restoration and modernization of utilities network

The contract will be executed based on Romanian norms and legislation. The deadline for completion of the contract is December 2020.

pubblicata il 25 gennaio 2018