Mantovani awarded another Project in Tanzania

Mantovani in partnership with a local company awarded the contract for the construction of Sanitary Landfill at Buhongwa and the Upgrading/Rehabilitation/lmprovement of Mtakuja, Sukuma, Umoja, Machemba, Pamba Roads and Lumumba Street.

Works will involve the roads upgrading, the roadside walkways construction, all streetlights and the roadside drains and also a Sanitary Landfills construction.

The forecasted construction period is fifteen (15) months and the entire amount of works is financed by the World Bank.


The Project represents another step of the wider company’s abroad business strategy, that involves Mantovani in several opportunities also on the amazing Mwanza Region, on the southern eastern shores of Lake Victoria in north western Tanzania.

pubblicata il 03 maggio 2018