Restoration works for the new military compound in Bucharest

The complex upgrading and restoration works of the Military Compound “Cazarma 2766 Bucuresti” continues. After the first handover - in January 2018 - by the Romania’s Ministry of National Defense, Mantovani, in JV with two other major Romanian companies have received the final approval of the Detail Design on June 2018.

After a first phase of mobilization and preparation works, including the dismantling of the existent buildings, everything is ready to commence civil works for the renovation and reconstruction of Pavilions D, E, F, G, S1, S2 and S3 and to approach the restoration of other Pavilions and Areas of the compound.

All such actions promptly follow a strict Plan of Work that forecasted the conclusion of all activities and the complete renovation of the Military Cazarma within 2020.

pubblicata il 12 giugno 2018